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Sea kayaking amongst the Limestone in Ao Thalane

Sea kayaking in Krabi amongst the Limestone in Ao Thalane offers an opportunity to explore the mangroves, via Sea Kayaking. Combining mild exercise with exploration of nature it makes for a great day out.

Looking for an eco friendly way to explore Krabi? Then consider sea-kayaking in the bay of Ao Thalane. This area is mostly unknown to the world, except for some intrepid explorers and local fishermen, this becomes a great way to explore Krabi’s amazing sights without damaging the environment. Interact with the coastal ecosystems, passing mangrove, canyons and caves, without damage or harmful effects, you will peacefully glide through this environs, silently, and without a disturbance to nature.

Sea kayaking in Krabi at Ao Thalane is certainly one of the most beautiful mangrove forests in Thailand. You can easily gaze upon the many types of fish, birds and crabs that inhabit this area along with monkeys that will accompany you.

Not too far from Krabi, this section of the coast is covered in dense foliage and is perfect for a cruise around the caves, lagoons and channels. The journey is not overly strenuous and the kayaking is relatively easy to master.

The mangroves do indeed have an abundance of wildlife and you will be left with some impressive memories (and photos!) to take home.

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