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Going back in time to Fossil Shell Beach

Fossil shell beach (Susan Hoi) is a fossil shell cemetery, one of the few in the world. Close to Krabi town it’s an opportunity to learn more about nature.

Krabi has the most unusual of cemetery’s, a shell cemetery. It is layered with wonderful thick piles of prehistoric fossil shells which are 30-40 million years old. Indeed it is one of only three in existence worldwide, with this being the only one in a costal area.

Fossil Shell Beach (Susan Hoi) in Krabi is a natural wonder. It is caused by layer upon layer of fossils the shells of millions of snails. There are tourists visiting this place the whole day for two main reasons. Firstly, it is close to Nang bay, Krabi’s popular destination. Secondly, there is an easy access from downtown, so once you have seen Susan Hoi, you can also simply arrange a visit to the beach and other small islands around Krabi.

In Susan Hoi, there is a tourist information center to educate visitors about the history of the fossil shell site. After that, take a path provided to a scenic point of Susan Hoi. If you do not pay special attention, it is likely that you will not see an individual shell, rather like a stone or concrete plate. Due to such a long duration of sedimentation, close observation can allow you to see small shells that are fantastic to view.

If you are looking for a day adventure, that’s also interesting and educational, then this can make for an intriguing visit, especially if you have family. Rent bikes or a taxi to get to Fossil Shell Beach.

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