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Ao Nang Mosque Market

Great selection of cheap street food and things to buy at the Ao Nang Mosque Market. A great way to interact with the local Muslim population

The Ao Nang mosque dominates the Ao Nang skyline situated on top of the hill, it’s an impressive building and a great pity. At night it’s lit up in multi coloured lights and looks very impressive. Non Muslims cannot enter the Mosque but its a free activity so pay it a visit. The Mosque itself and it’s visitors has created an opportunity for the Ao Nang Mosque Market to occur, with locals keen to both buy and sell food, clothing and other market items.

Ao Nang Mosque Market
The Mosque

The street in front of the mosque is known as Muslim street and whilst its nothing much during the day, because at night it changes into a mini market selling trinkets, clothing and great street food at very competitive prices. Giant samosas are available for 20 Baht each! You can snack or even sit down for a great bowl or noodles or other delicious treat.

What’s available at the market

There is mostly clothing and souvenirs similar to all the other shops in Ao Nang. However its all in a mid-town location. The food stalls have a good range of options and it’s all pretty cheap! Various snacks from 20B and around 40-80B for a meal (i.e. fried rice or salad).

The market is open from 6:00 to 22:00 if you want to taste fresh local street food, fruits and buy souvenirs or just wander along, soaking up the atmosphere and basking in the neon lights emanating from the mosque. This place is an alternative to the market along the seaside, with a greater collection of locals.

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