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Prime Minister Gen. Prayut is following up on construction progress at Betong Airport

Betong Airport in Yala is now undergoing a series of private charter flights and those paid for by public agencies. Commercial airlines have started introducing flight routes that operate in and out of the airport. Meanwhile, the prime minister has kept abreast of the airport construction progress.

Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha has been following up on the construction of Betong International Airport, aimed at facilitating tourism in Yala by linking it to the rest of the country via commercial flights.

So far, airlines have requested two commercial flight routes. These include the Hat Yai-Betong-Hat Yai and Don Mueang-Betong-Don Mueang routes. The airport is currently undergoing development to increase its capacity to accommodate people’s travels. It will serve as a linkage between the various transportation options available in the area.

The government acknowledges Betong district’s significance within the cluster of lower Southern provinces and the construction of Betong Airport was undertaken to address the transportation limitations of Betong district, which is situated on highlands and is served by narrow and winding mountain roads. Although the district shares a border with Malaysia, flight paths of aircraft operating into and out of its airport will only require the use of Thai airspace.

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