Prachachat Business reported that Mr. Suthasin Amruek, President of the Thai Egg Traders Association, on the hen egg price increase.

Currently, the Egg Producers and Exporters Association that determines the recommended price of chicken eggs in the general market. They announced on January 7, 2022 that the price of assorted chicken eggs in front of the farm has been increased by 0.20 baht to about 2.80 to 3.00 baht per egg. This represents an increase of 6 baht per pack.

To date, chicken eggs are not a regulated commodity. But pricing is based on prices from egg producers, traders and the exporters’ association. The Ministry of Internal Trade requests cooperation to sell no more than 3 baht

The retail price depends on the increase of the egg display. can be increased to less or more than 6 baht, for example, if one receives eggs from hen number 2 at a cost of 93 baht, an egg panel can increase another 7 baht per pack to make it 100 baht so there is no need to change it is possible

The reason for the price increase :

Feed cost for raising laying hens, coupled with the volume of small eggs #3, #4 and #5 

Due to the inability of farmers to import hens from The recent covid situation has prevented Thailand from producing young hens that will be breeders of small eggs.  So there are only old hens that have a lot and produce large eggs, number 0- number 1.

There will never be a shortage of eggs

On average, the egg market consumes 40 million eggs per day. 

However, I think that this increase in egg prices is not related to the increase in pork prices. Because generally, people who consume eggs are already consuming them. For example, if you order basil, you will get a fried egg. Normally, Thai people consume 220 eggs per person per year.

The amount of chicken eggs stocked by the shopkeepers

In general, shopkeepers do not stock eggs. Because we need a cold room to keep the temperature, so the quantity we bring, we will only sell it.

For example, the price will be increased tomorrow until we already know. Always release items that are not in stock How many more orders will the seller add, if any? We are ready to sell, do not pretend that the item is out of stock and do not sell to wait to adjust the price tomorrow.

The last adjustment of the price of chicken eggs, June ’64

In the past, the price of chicken eggs has been quite volatile, with the price increase to 3 baht per egg on June 1, 2021, after which the price level dropped to 2.60 baht – 2.80 baht per egg.

Finally, look in the future, if the egg price situation is still high and in the future, farmers will increase more. There will be a dumping of selling prices.  Also known as under the table price, such as Farm A sells 3 baht, Farm B sells 2.70 baht, reduce the price, also known as under the table price in the next 30 to 45 days if an oversupply of eggs occurs. This will be another problem.


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