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Ban Thung canal water turns milky- disposal from factory

The color of the water in the Ban Thung Canal, Khao Khram Subdistrict, Krabi Province, became milky thick white. It was believed that the change was caused by a rubber factory releasing wastewater into the canal.

The villagers from Ban Thung, Khao Khram Subdistrict, Mueang District, Krabi Province brought a video clip showing a picture of thick opaque water of the canal. It is believed to be the water from a wastewater treatment pond inside a rubber factory in the area. A discussion with the factory management team was initiated to solve the issue, but less than 10 days later, the water conditions worsened, turning to thick white color and giving off a foul smell.

The similar incident also once happened about 6 months ago by the same factory. The waste water was released into the canal, and gave off such a bad smell that it disturbed villagers in the area. The relevant agencies were contacted to inspect the case, but the issue was only partially solved. The villagers are now calling for the authority to step in to seriously take action on this matter.

In Krabi, polluted water found in canals or the sea is caused by waste discharge without water treatment or grease-trapping before released into the water. Without a proactive method to revamp the water, the visitors who went to Ao Nang Beach years ago suffered from black water with stinky smell released from a canal after having been accumulated for over 10 years.

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