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70% rain found in Krabi

The weather in Krabi is now considered cool due to scattered rain in many areas. Krabi residents should be cautious about the dangers of heavy and continuous rain.

According to the Meteorological Department, southeastern winds are prevailing over the Gulf of Thailand and the South. In addition, there is a low-pressure cell covering the area near the island of Sumatra, causing the southern region to have continuous rain and heavy to very heavy rain in some places. People in the southern region should beware of the dangers of heavy rain and accumulated rain. The sailors should be more careful when sailing and avoid areas with thunderstorms.

As the high-pressure area or cold air mass from China covering the upper part of Thailand and the South China Sea is weakening, easterly and southeasterly winds continue to blow moisture from the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand to cover the lower North. Northeastern, Eastern, Central parts, including Bangkok and its vicinity experience thunderstorms and heavy rain. People in upper Thailand should beware of the dangers of thunderstorms during this period.

Today’s weather forecast for the southern region (west coast) from 6:00 AM today – 6:00 AM tomorrow reports 70 percent of the area with thunderstorms and some heavy rain. In Krabi, Trang, and Satun provinces, the minimum temperature can sink to 23-25 degrees ​​Celcius, and the maximum temperature can reach 31-35 degrees ​​Celcius. 

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