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10 dolphins swim to show off at Koh Lanta

On February 16, 2022, a group of more than 10 dolphins swam to show themselves off to tourists between Koh Rok and Koh Ha inside Ko Lanta National Park, Krabi.  

Many tourists who spotted the scene floated to see the cuteness of the dolphins that were jumping in and out of the water, creating a lot of excitement. Mr. Pongphon Molee, 35 years old, CEO of Sea Eagle Krabi who provides marine tours, shared that seeing a flock of dolphins is a rare case, indicating an abundance of the Krabi sea.

It was reported that back to November 3, 2020, a large herd of 50 bottlenose dolphins was once also spotted emerging out of the water at Ko Lanta National Park, Krab, and hunting for food. By nature, dolphins hunt for small fish in flocks. The leader of the pack usually swims in front, while the smaller one swims nearby.

Dolphins are intelligent animals that do not need a long sleep period like other mammals. They only sleep for a short period of time for quick relaxation. During sleep, they tend to submerge their heads and tails in the water, and soon will float and swim like usual. Moreover, dolphins communicate by using the frequency on their heads, similar to the sonar system that humans use today.

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