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Ministry of Labor has paid 2.3 million baht to Thai workers who returned from Ukraine

The Ministry of Labor has paid 2.3 million baht in compensation to Thai workers who returned to Thailand from Ukraine due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict there.

According to Labor Minister Suchart Chomklin, the ministry has been assisting Thai citizens working in Ukraine who were forced to return to Thailand. These people received assistance and financial support established to help those who had to return to the Kingdom before the end of their contract due to conflict, instability, natural disasters or epidemics in their country of employment.

Two groups of Thais safely arrived in Bangkok on Saturday, 16 of whom flew in at 6:25 AM, followed by another 45 at 12:05 PM. 54 of the arrivals were members of the fund to help job seekers work abroad and received 15,000 baht in financial assistance after returning to Thailand. Since March 2, a total of 197 Thai citizens have returned to the Kingdom. 154 of the arrivals were members who received aid from the ministry totaling 2.31 million baht.

Pairoj Chotikasathien, director-general of the Department of Employment, emphasized the importance of providing members of the fund with the means to cover fees before their departure as required by law.

Privileges provided by the fund are as follows:

1. In case of abandonment in a foreign nation, the fund provides 30,000 baht to assist returnees with transportation, lodging, food, medical treatment and other expenses.

2. In case of injury before or while working abroad, the fund covers medical fees of up to 30,000 baht.

3. In case of contract termination due to injury, the fund provides 15,000 baht.

4. In case of injury and disability, the fund provides 15,000 baht and 30,000 baht, respectively.

5. In case of problems experienced living abroad, the fund provides up to 30,000 baht to cover transportation, lodging, food, medical, and other expenses.

6. In case of deportation back to Thailand due to contracting prohibited diseases, the fund provides 25,000 baht to those working for less than six months and 15,000 baht to those working over six months.

7. The fund provides 15,000 baht to those affected by war, natural disasters or epidemics.

8. The beneficiary of a member who dies before departing or while residing in Thailand will receive 30,000 baht. Beneficiaries of those who die abroad will receive 40,000 baht, with up to 40,000 baht allocated to funeral expenses.

9. A member who has been prosecuted for unintentional activities abroad or treated unfairly at work can seek up to 100,000 baht to cover legal fees.

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