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Thailand-Germany together on the importance of climate finance

The Office of National Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP), in collaboration with the German Organization for International Cooperation (GIZ), organized a seminar entitled “Thailand Climate Finance Conference: From International to Domestic Mechanism” to raise awareness on the importance of climate finance.

Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (TSD) gave a speech at the seminar on climate change finance “Thailand Climate Finance Conference: From International to Domestic Mechanism” at the Office of Policy and Natural Resource Plan and the Environment (ONEP) as part of the Thai-German cooperation plan on climate change.

Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment said Thailand still has an opportunity for economic growth and job creation from a greener economy in both the electric vehicle (EV) sector, the ” digital industry, in the environmentally friendly tourism industry, in the manufacturing industry through the reuse or recycling of raw materials, in the alternative energy and renewable energy industry or even agro-industrial such as rice cultivation with low emissions of greenhouse gases, the production of alternative proteins and the production of feeds that are good for the digestive system of animals and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For this reason, it is necessary to use this crisis as an opportunity to change investments in support of green economic growth, add value and competitive strength both in infrastructures and in technology, in education, in production processes and in changing behaviours to exploit the best resources.

Warawut also said that foreign support is still needed in terms of funding, investment, technology transfer and potential development, particularly in high technology that produces low greenhouse gas emissions or reduces greenhouse gas emissions in all sectors. including the government, the private sector, academia, the people sector and civil society, should seriously consider the issue of climate change which is now a major turning point before they can go back and fix anything.

Pirun Saiyasitpanich, secretary-general of the ONEP said that this meeting aims to raise awareness of all sectors on the mechanisms for financing climate change and the sources of financing to do so, including listening to the views of the private sector on the challenges of developing a low-carbon company and the need for government support to compete and develop a low-greenhouse gas emissions company.

As Hans Ulrich Suedbeck, chief affairs officer and head of the economic department of the German embassy commented, the moment was a pivotal moment in the transition of the world. Work on climate change and solving environmental problems must be conducted in tandem.

Not only does Thailand and Germany have a good relationship for over 160 years, but it also includes the European Union and other countries in the ASEAN region that need to work together to manage the climate crisis.

 The transition to a green economy and society needs clear direction from public policies that support the true potential of the private sector. and the public sector

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