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Chao Praya 2 project could be affected by rising prices

The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) has acknowledged that rising steel prices due to the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine may affect reservoir construction projects.

The remarks were made by Sermchai Siewsirithaworn, director of the Bureau of Large Scale Water Resources Development under the RID.

The director said the war, together with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, drove up the costs of construction materials, crude oil and labour cost. He also said the situation might eventually affect the RID’s dam construction projects.

“Even though steel prices have risen by more than 10%, diesel prices have risen to affect the cost of construction But the government tried to fix the price, resulting in the year 2022 construction prices of various projects not much increase.” Mr Sermchai said

These prices have so far seen a marginal increase due to government intervention, but construction costs for these projects are already being affected.

Sermchai noted, however, that the construction of the Bangban – Bangsai flood drainage canal in Ayutthaya province is still proceeding as planned. The 21-billion-baht project is expected to be completed in 2023.

It is a drainage canal with a length of 22.50 km. The canal area is 200 meters wide and the community area is 110 meters wide, along with the construction of a road on the canal with a traffic surface width of 8 meters on both sides and the construction of a drainage gate at the end of the canal.

Under the budget of 21 billion baht, the construction is expected to be completed within the specified timeframe. and if the construction is completed It will be able to drain water of up to 1,200 cubic meters/second, can alleviate flooding in the Ayutthaya city and the lower Chao Phraya watershed area, average 1.9-2.5 million rai/year, and can reduce the depth of flooding.

Increase the potential of water sources for utilization of agricultural areas totalling 229,138 rai, with 15 million cubic meters of water for consumption.

Mr Sermchai also said that Bang Ban – Bang Sai Flood Canal Project is the 7th work plan of the Lower Chao Phraya River Basin Flood Relief Plan.

It consists of a total of 9 work plans in which the construction of a flood drainage canal cuts through the community area.

As a result, the canal line was cut in the area that cuts through the community to have the least impact on the people in the area. Including taking part in the process of participating with people in the area to get to know the problem.

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