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Russian Ospreys now seen in Krabi

Ospreys have seasonally migrated from Russia to Krabi, creating a lot of excitement for bird watchers. Come and see some at the water quality improvement plant, Krabi Town Municipality, Krabi.

Mr. Atiphot Srisukon, 62, residing at 350 Mueang District, Krabi Province, said that he is a person who is very fond of bird watching and photography. Now he sees Ospreys in Krabi’s sewage treatment plant. The birds can be seen in the morning and evening because they are a bird of prey. Osprey is large, 60 centimeters long, and has a 2-meter wide wingspan, and brown upper feathers. The head and lower part are grayish in color. The area around the eyes and wings are black. They like to nest near water sources and migrate to Krabi around October to April. They can plunge down to the prey vertically at not less than 200 km per hour. They come to live at the wastewater treatment pond in Krabi on a regular basis, which has clean water. Fish are available in large numbers here, which are treated as food for the birds. The place is also open for people to fish and cook. In the past, Ospreys that came to live in this place were photographed and became famous all over the world.

Mr. Kiratisak Phukaoluen, former mayor of Krabi, said that this wastewater treatment pond has an area of ​​50 rai, which had been under construction since 1995 and was completed in 1999 by the Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning as the construction operator. This wastewater treatment pond is not only a wastewater treatment pond but also a multi-use place. For example, people can exercise, walk, run, sit, relax, and go cycling because there is a good ecosystem. In the heart of the important city, there are many fish in this treatment pond because the water treated at this pond is clean, so fish can live. Each year, there are many birds coming in for food, especially Ospreys that migrate from Russia, also eagles, and red-tailed hawks. They are liked by bird watchers and people who come to exercise in the morning. It is also another way to promote tourism, which is to drive Krabi to be one of the best bird-watching cities. 

For bird enthusiasts, you can find no less than 6 Russian Ospreys at the water quality improvement plant, Krabi Town Municipality, Krabi Province, They usually come here in October-April and will stay for 3-4 months before they fly back to Russia. 

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