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Thai Muslims Prepare for Ramadan Moon Sighting

Bangkok (NNT) – The Sheikhul Islam Office has issued a call to Thai Muslims, urging them to observe the moon after sunset on Sunday (Mar 10) to determine the start of Ramadan. This directive aligns with the escalating preparations for the upcoming fasting month, particularly in the southern provinces of Thailand.

As anticipation builds, Saturday witnessed a significant upswing in activity at the Yala railway station. A multitude of Thai Muslims, predominantly from the southern regions of Yala, Pattani, and Narathiwat, embarked on journeys back to their hometowns. The surge was prompted by the announcement from the Sheikhul Islam of Thailand, traditionally relying on the sighting of a new moon to mark the commencement of Ramadan. In the event that the moon remains invisible on the expected evening, the initiation of Ramadan will be postponed by a day.

This year, the fasting month is projected to conclude on April 9.

Acknowledging the heightened travel demand, Yala railway station has taken measures to enhance its services and accommodate a larger number of travelers. Additional cars have been incorporated into all rapid, special express, and ordinary trains heading to the three southernmost provinces throughout the duration of Ramadan.

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