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Thai Woman Faces Discrimination in Reporting Australian Road Rage

In a recent incident at Bearing Intersection in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok, a Thai woman named Angkana filed a complaint against a 41-year-old Australian man, Ratukore Jones Agamom, accusing him of intentionally causing an accident and damaging her car on March 3. The altercation unfolded as Angkana was driving to her home in Samrong Nuea district, when Agamom, riding a motorcycle, closely approached her vehicle and gestured for her to pull over.

According to Angkana’s account reported to DailyNews, she continued driving, prompting Agamom to raise his middle finger at her before speeding away. The motive behind Agamom’s actions remained unclear to Angkana, who speculated that she might have unintentionally upset him while driving. What she anticipated as the end of the encounter took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with Agamom again at the Bearing Intersection.

Positioned ahead of her, Agamom abruptly applied the brakes on his motorcycle, causing Angkana’s car to collide with his bike. The aftermath of the collision was captured in a video shared by Angkana, revealing Agamom’s aggressive behavior. In the footage, Agamom is seen dismounting his motorbike, striking Angkana’s car with his fist, attempting to force open her car door, hurling a registration plate at her vehicle, spitting on it, and delivering kicks.

Angkana promptly reported the incident to the Samrong Nuea Police Station, alleging that Agamom deliberately caused the accident. However, the police initially declined to acknowledge her account, citing the absence of dash camera footage as supporting evidence.

Amidst the ordeal, Angkana faced discrimination when presenting the video from her phone to the police officer, who remained unconvinced. Instead of investigating the incident further, the officer urged Angkana to settle the matter by compensating Agamom.

Undeterred, Angkana actively sought CCTV footage from the area and submitted it as evidence, demonstrating that the accident was a result of Agamom’s intentional actions. Despite this effort, the police officer refused to view the video. Subsequently, Angkana claimed to have paid 6,000 baht to Agamom, and he agreed to pay 11,000 baht for the damage to her car.

The case gained public attention when Angkana shared the video with news agencies, shedding light on the perceived injustice. In response, the superintendent of the Samrong Nuea Police Station, Wiroj Tatso, publicly apologized to Angkana on March 10. He assured her that the case would be transferred to another police officer, emphasizing a commitment to ensuring justice in the matter.

In a surprising twist, another Thai man came forward, recounting a similar aggressive encounter with Agamom in January. The man alleged that Agamom, playing on a skateboard in the middle of the road, provoked damage to his car after the victim sounded his horn to clear the way. Despite possessing dash cam footage as evidence, the case had seen no progress until Agamom repeated his actions in the recent incident.

As of now, Samrong Nuea Police Station has not disclosed whether they have reviewed evidence from both victims, leaving the charges Agamom might face uncertain. The incidents raise concerns about the handling of such cases and underscore the need for a thorough and unbiased investigation into the alleged actions of the Australian man.

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