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Prime Minister Srettha Outlines Thailand’s Global Vision

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, in a recent interview with TIME Magazine, articulated the strategic initiatives guiding Thailand’s economic revival and global positioning under his leadership. Since assuming office in August, Srettha has embarked on a series of international engagements, aimed at attracting foreign investment and showcasing Thailand’s potential on the global stage.

During the interview, the premier commended Singapore’s strategic vision in hosting Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, highlighting his aspiration to position Thailand as a premier destination for international celebrities and major events. This aligns with his broader vision of enhancing Thailand’s cultural and economic prominence worldwide.

Internationally, the prime minister reiterated Thailand’s commitment to neutrality in global conflicts, including the ongoing war in Ukraine. Domestically, Srettha reaffirmed his support for Thailand’s royal defamation law, underscoring its importance in preserving the monarchy’s integrity and ensuring judicial equity.

A key aspect of Srettha’s leadership focuses on addressing the civil unrest in neighboring Myanmar, emphasizing Thailand’s role in fostering regional stability and promoting peace within ASEAN.

Beyond politics, Srettha shared his personal interest in England’s Liverpool F.C., offering insight into his diverse range of passions outside the political arena.

In concluding the interview with TIME, the prime minister underscored his commitment to harmonizing tradition with progress, steering Thailand towards economic revitalization, stronger global ties, and stability within the ASEAN community.

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