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Thai Spicy Delicacies Shine in CNN’s Global Food List

Thai Delicacies Som Tam & Pad Ka Prao Featured Among World’s Top Spicy Foods

In a recent culinary exploration, CNN has curated a list showcasing the world’s 20 best spicy foods, with Thai cuisine earning a prominent place with two of its beloved dishes: som tam and pad ka prao.

Som tam, described by CNN as a zesty and fiery salad, has garnered global fame, particularly in Thai eateries worldwide. Originating from the spice-rich region of Isaan in Thailand, this dish is also embraced in neighboring Laos. Green papaya forms the heart of som tam, usually finely shredded and combined with long beans or green beans, along with an array of savory Asian flavors like tamarind juice, dried shrimp, fish sauce, and sugar cane paste. Adding the essential kick are Thai chilies, renowned for their intense heat.

Pad ka prao, another fiery favorite, is a ubiquitous presence in Thailand’s culinary landscape, found across street-side stalls and restaurants from bustling Bangkok to serene islands. Despite often being compared to a sandwich or burger, pad ka prao is a rice-based dish served with meat on the side. Ground pork, infused with fiery Thai chili peppers and aromatic holy basil, forms the core of this dish, customizable to one’s spice preference. Locals often recommend indulging in this dish with a luscious fried egg boasting a runny yolk.

Among the other tantalizing entries on CNN’s list of best spicy foods worldwide are Egusi soup from Nigeria, Sichuan hot pot from China, Piri-piri chicken from Mozambique and Angola, Dakdoritang from South Korea, Jerk chicken/pork from Jamaica, Ayam betutu from Indonesia, and Buffalo chicken wings from the United States. Each dish adds its unique flavor and spice to the global culinary tapestry, celebrating the diverse and vibrant world of spicy cuisine.

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