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Thailand’s PM Champions Future Global Hub at French Summit

In a pivotal address delivered at the Re-Invest Summit Lunch held at the prestigious Carlton Cannes Hotel in France on March 12, Prime Minister Setha Thavisin of Thailand seized the opportunity to champion his nation as a forthcoming global epicenter. Amidst an audience comprising world leaders, policymakers, and influential business magnates, Thavisin articulated Thailand’s pivotal role in propelling global metamorphoses, with a particular focus on the country’s burgeoning real estate sector.

Central to Thavisin’s discourse was the recognition of Thailand’s burgeoning appeal as one of the most coveted destinations for residency, a sentiment echoed by the prominence of Bangkok as a favored locale for expatriates. The Prime Minister underscored the Thai government’s overarching vision to fortify the nation’s stature as a regional powerhouse across multiple domains. This ambition encompasses multifaceted initiatives aimed at solidifying Thailand’s standing as a pivotal aviation nexus through the implementation of novel airport constructions and enhancements to existing facilities. Furthermore, Thavisin expounded upon Thailand’s aspiration to ascend as a premier global tourism hotspot, bolstered by strides in healthcare provision and agricultural prowess on the international stage.

In his strategic address, Thavisin delineated the blueprint for augmenting Thailand’s role in regional transportation networks through substantive investments in infrastructure development. Additionally, he outlined the nation’s trajectory towards becoming a nucleus for automotive manufacturing, with a particular emphasis on the burgeoning electric vehicle sector. Moreover, the Prime Minister underscored Thailand’s commitment to spearheading the digital economy through the fostering of technological innovation and the nurturing of a robust startup ecosystem.

Concluding his remarks, Prime Minister Thavisin reaffirmed the tangible actions underpinning Thailand’s ambitious agenda for progress, emphasizing the nation’s unprecedented openness to foreign investment. With an invitation extended to global investors, Thavisin heralded Thailand as an opportune destination ripe for exploration and collaboration. Notably, the presence of esteemed officials and luminaries lent credence to the significance of Thailand’s strategic vision for the future, resonating with attendees and underscoring the nation’s emergence as a beacon of progress on the global stage.

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