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Super Energy Expands Renewable Ventures Across Southeast Asia

Super Energy Corporation, a prominent player in Thailand’s solar farm sector, is embarking on a significant business restructuring endeavor while simultaneously forging new alliances to bolster its presence in renewable energy across Southeast Asia.

According to Jomsup Lochaya, the CEO of Super Energy, the restructuring initiative will coincide with the company’s plans to diversify its energy portfolio, incorporating solar, wind, waste-to-energy, and hydroelectric power plants into its operations.

The company’s expansion strategy entails seeking out new partnerships across various segments of renewable energy, aiming to capitalize on the burgeoning interest in green energy solutions across the region.

Mr. Jomsup revealed discussions with several Chinese firms regarding potential collaborations in waste-to-energy projects, reflecting the escalating concern over greenhouse gas emissions in Southeast Asia. While he refrained from disclosing specific company names, he emphasized that negotiations are slated for completion by mid-year.

Expressing confidence in the forthcoming partnerships, Mr. Jomsup anticipates substantial benefits for Super Energy, further propelling its growth trajectory.

This strategic maneuver follows the recent shareholding restructuring of Sunflower Solar, a Super Energy subsidiary deeply entrenched in solar farm operations. Sunflower Solar, boasting a cumulative electricity generation capacity of 837 megawatts, primarily via Solar NT in Vietnam, divested its shares to Levanta Holding Pte in February for a hefty sum of 4.69 billion baht.

Notably, Sunflower Solar had previously attracted investment from AC Energy, a subsidiary of the Ayala Corporation, and Levanta Holding Pte, illustrating the company’s attractiveness to prominent investors keen on sustainable energy ventures.

The influx of capital from these transactions will serve to bolster Super Energy’s renewable energy initiatives significantly.

Looking ahead, Mr. Jomsup outlined Super Energy’s ambitious financial commitment of 6-7 billion baht annually in 2024 and 2025 to fuel its burgeoning pipeline of energy development projects. These projects, slated to commence commercial operations within the next two years, encompass a spectrum of renewable energy assets, including solar and wind farms, along with waste-to-energy plants, across Thailand and Vietnam.

Collectively, these endeavors are poised to augment Super Energy’s overall power generation capacity to 1,881 megawatts by 2026, marking a substantial increase from the 1,626 megawatts recorded at the close of last year.

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