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Long-Haul Bus Crash Leaves Two Dead, Dozens Injured

Tragedy struck early Tuesday morning in Muang district, Nakhon Ratchasima, as a long-haul bus operated by Lotusphibul Tours veered off course, colliding with a steel support for a road sign. The grim outcome resulted in the loss of both drivers and left 44 passengers injured, 12 of whom hailed from Laos. The bus, en route from Bueng Kan province to Bangkok, met its unfortunate fate around 2 am, as reported by the Hook 31 rescue foundation.

The accident, which occurred as the bus navigated a curve while descending towards a bridge crossing the northeastern rail track, highlights the hazards faced on long journeys. According to police statements, the driver seemingly lost control, leading to the fatal collision with the road sign’s support structure.

Among the injured, four passengers were in critical condition and were promptly admitted to Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital, while the remaining passengers received treatment for their injuries and were subsequently discharged.

Lotusphibul Tours, operating under a concession from the state-owned Transport Co, provides services on various northeastern routes, including the ill-fated Bangkok-Bueng Kan journey. Notably, regulations mandate the presence of two drivers on long-haul buses to ensure passenger safety.

As investigations into the tragic incident unfold, authorities and transport officials will be closely scrutinizing the circumstances surrounding the accident to ascertain any lapses in safety protocols or contributing factors.

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