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Thai-Belgian Singer Battles Deepfake Pornography

Thai-Belgian Singer Takes Stand Against Deepfake Pornography

Violette Wautier, a renowned Thai-Belgian singer, has taken a bold step in the fight against illegal deepfake pornography. Yesterday, she filed a formal complaint at the Technology Crime Suppression Division of the police, alleging the illicit use of her likeness in pornographic material circulating online.

Accompanied by her legal representative, the 30-year-old singer voiced her deep concern over the misuse of her image in both photos and videos. The explicit content, brought to her attention by her fan base, has prompted Wautier to take legal action against those responsible.

“I was shocked in the first place. As a woman, I feel bad about it and I was afraid that I could be misunderstood,” Wautier expressed, cautioning against the dissemination of such illegal material. She urged other victims of similar misdeeds to join her in pursuing legal recourse, ensuring that the perpetrators face the consequences of their actions.

Violette Wautier rose to prominence following her debut on season 2 of The Voice Thailand in 2013, subsequently establishing herself in both singing and acting. Notable achievements include winning the Suphannahong Award for Best Supporting Actress in Thailand (2016) and releasing her first English album, “Glitter and Smoke,” in 2020.

Instances of individuals falling victim to deepfake pornography are not uncommon. In a similar case last November, police arrested a Thai man in Bangkok for distributing and selling pornography featuring a man resembling a well-known Thai singer on social media.

According to ThaiRath, a male Thai singer, preferring anonymity, filed a complaint with Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) officials, citing damage to his image and reputation due to the dissemination of pornographic material falsely attributed to him. Despite no longer being active in the Thai music industry, the singer’s legacy has been tarnished by the actions of those exploiting his likeness for malicious purposes.

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