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Tragic Construction Site Collapse Leaves Workers Injured

In a harrowing incident on March 19, 2024, a tragic collapse at a construction site led to the crushing of three workers under wet cement and scaffolding. Prompt response efforts managed to rescue the trapped workers, but two suffered severe injuries while two others sustained minor injuries.

The calamity unfolded at 11:30 am in Village No. 6, Khlong Yong Subdistrict, Phutthamonthon District, Nakhon Pathom Province, triggering a swift response from authorities. Police Lieutenant Colonel Suchada Saengchai, along with rescue workers from the Por Tek Tung Foundation, rushed to the scene following reports of the collapse.

Upon arrival, the team discovered the site of the incident—a construction project for the Thawi Watthana Canal water gate within the Naraphirom Canal. The project, located at the boundary between Ban Mai Subdistrict, Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province, and Khlong Yong Subdistrict, Phutthamonthon District, Nakhon Pathom Province, aimed to construct a flood gate with three compartments.

The catastrophe struck while workers were pouring cement into the third channel. A beam suddenly gave way, causing three workers to plummet to the ground, with steel scaffolding collapsing on top of them. Despite the gravity of the situation, rescue efforts managed to extract the trapped workers after half an hour of painstaking efforts.

Initial assessments revealed two male Thai workers sustained severe injuries, while another suffered minor injuries. They were promptly transported to Phutthamonthon Hospital for medical treatment. Surin Panpreecha, a volunteer from the Por Teck Tung Foundation, recounted the distressing scene upon arrival, highlighting the urgent need for assistance.

Eyewitnesses described the chaotic sequence of events, with one worker recalling the sudden collapse of the beam and the subsequent fall of his colleagues. Concerns were raised about the stability of the scaffolding, with Mayor Sunthorn Phuduang emphasizing the need for further investigation into the incident’s root cause.

As investigations continue, questions loom over the safety protocols and structural integrity of the construction project. The aftermath serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by workers in the construction industry and underscores the imperative for stringent safety measures to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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