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Thailand Innovates AI Solution for Mental Health Crisis

Thailand is at the forefront of utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address depression and suicidal tendencies. The pioneering AI DMIND technology, integrated into the National Health Security Office’s (NHSO) Line service, delivers prompt mental health assessments. Developed through collaboration between Chulalongkorn University’s Faculties of Medicine and Engineering, the NHSO, and the Department of Mental Health, this technology signifies a significant leap in mental health support.

AI DMIND distinguishes early indicators of depression and suicidal thoughts by analyzing voice recordings from the mental health hotline database. It not only aids in early detection but also broadens the reach of mental health professionals, facilitating swift interventions.

Initial screenings by a team of prominent psychiatrists confirmed the technology’s effectiveness in identifying mental health conditions. Upon assessment via the NHSO’s 1323 hotline, psychologists are promptly notified. Subsequently, these professionals contact the individuals for further evaluation and guide them towards suitable care or emergency services as required.

Prof. Dr. Nijasri Charnnarong, Deputy Dean of Chulalongkorn’s Faculty of Medicine, emphasized the growing gap between the rising number of mental health patients and the limited availability of specialized healthcare providers. She revealed a nearly twofold increase in mental health diagnoses from 2015 to 2021, with approximately 1.5 million individuals aged 15 and above diagnosed with depression last year. However, only a third of these individuals have accessed the necessary treatmen

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