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Cabinet Greenlights Cattle Husbandry Project to Boost Rural Incomes

In an effort to bolster income generation in rural areas, the Cabinet has given preliminary approval to a cattle husbandry project, entrusting the national village and urban community fund office to spearhead community involvement in its implementation.

Under the initiative, which operates within a 5 billion baht credit line from financial institutions, village funds will be eligible for loans, enabling 100,000 households to access up to 50,000 baht each for cattle farming endeavors. To ensure success, participants will receive guidance from the Department of Livestock Development, while the government will facilitate market access.

The primary objective of the program is to elevate household incomes, targeting a return of 240,000 baht from an initial investment of 50,000 baht over a 5-year period. With an average cattle price of 25,000 baht per animal, each participant is expected to generate no less than 120,000 baht in income.

Participation in the project is reserved for village funds with a track record of responsible borrowing and loan repayment from designated financial institutions. Utilizing the allocated 5 billion baht credit line from state banks, eligible village fund members keen on joining the initiative can obtain application details from their local village fund committee.

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