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Thai Woman Abandons 7-Year-Old Daughter at Krabi Bus Terminal

In a distressing incident at the Krabi bus terminal in southern Thailand on March 18, a seven-year-old girl named Nam was abandoned by her mother, Kanokwan. The ordeal unfolded when vendors at the Transport Company Limited bus terminal noticed Nam wandering alone, desperately searching for her mother. Prompted by concern, they swiftly alerted the Mueang Krabi Police Station for assistance.

Security footage and eyewitness accounts revealed that Kanokwan had accompanied Nam to the terminal. They were observed entering a shower room together, but Kanokwan emerged alone, hurrying towards a departing bus bound for Phuket-Pattalung, leaving her daughter behind.

Witnesses described Nam emerging from the shower room, disoriented and searching for her mother. The collective efforts of the vendors and bystanders at the terminal led to the involvement of law enforcement, who launched an investigation into the matter.

Wichai, a 67-year-old bystander, recounted overhearing Kanokwan instructing Nam to wait for her father at the terminal before abruptly departing. Despite efforts by the police to reach Kanokwan, she refused to cooperate and ceased communication with them.

Thankfully, Nam’s father, contacted by authorities, swiftly arranged for her safe retrieval. On March 19, he collected his daughter from the terminal, ensuring her well-being.

Despite the gravity of the situation, no information regarding any parental conflicts or the reasons behind Kanokwan’s actions was disclosed. Furthermore, no legal action was taken against her. However, it’s noteworthy that under Section 306 of the Criminal Law, abandoning children under the age of nine could potentially lead to imprisonment, a hefty fine, or both.

While the immediate crisis has been resolved with Nam’s reunion with her father, the incident underscores the importance of safeguarding vulnerable individuals and the need for ongoing support systems to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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