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Thailand Meteorological Department Issues Weather Alerts

Amidst the transition into April, the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) issues a cautionary alert, particularly directed at residents in the northern regions of the country. Anticipated to persist until early April, higher-than-average temperatures are forecasted to prevail by the end of this month.

Somkuan Tonjan, Director of the TMD’s Meteorological Observation Division, notes that while several parts of Thailand, particularly the lower northeast, central, and eastern regions, may experience rainfall until Thursday due to prevailing southerly winds, the subsequent weather shift will witness a rise in temperatures, potentially triggering a surge in certain illnesses.

Specifically, from March 30 to April 3, elevated temperatures are anticipated across Northern Thailand. Conversely, in the Southern region, continuous rainfall is expected in some areas owing to an easterly wind pattern, although windy conditions are not projected during this period.

In parallel developments, concerns persist over air quality in various provinces, primarily in the North and Northeast, where unhealthy levels of PM2.5 pollutants persist. Notably, Chiang Mai emerged as the fifth-worst city for air pollution globally, with an air quality index of 162 on Monday. According to data from the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry’s Air Pollution Solution Communication Centre, 26 provinces reported PM2.5 levels surpassing 37.5 microgrammes per cubic metre (μg/m³), predominantly in the northern and northeastern regions. Conversely, the air quality in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region (BMR) fared relatively better, with PM2.5 levels ranging from 16.6 to 32.8 μg/m³.

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