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Bangkok’s Yellow Line Monorail Safety Concerns Prompt Investigations

In response to recent disruptions on Bangkok’s Yellow Line monorail, the Thailand Consumers Council (TCC) is calling for an in-depth investigation, advocating for the involvement of independent experts alongside official agencies. The move comes after a major incident where track components detached, causing damage to vehicles, prompting concerns over safety and operational reliability.

The TCC’s Transport Sub-committee Chairman, Dr. Anuchar Sethasathien, emphasized the importance of transparency and expertise in addressing the system’s vulnerabilities. He urged responsible agencies to devise compensation mechanisms for affected parties and enhance emergency response protocols. Dr. Sethasathien also recommended incorporating preventive measures and emergency response drills into future monorail construction contracts.

Meanwhile, the Rail Transport Department has taken action, ordering the Eastern Bangkok Monorail (EBM) to replace all bolts used to tighten finger plates along the Yellow Line track. This directive follows the discovery of missing bolts between the Rama 9 and Si Udom stations, posing safety risks due to joint expansion. Pichet Kunadhamraks, head of the Rail Transport Department, emphasized the importance of expediting the recovery of a stranded train to resume full service, a process expected to take 2-3 months.

As investigations continue into the cause of debris falling from the track, officials have intensified inspections of expansion joints to ensure operational integrity. Partial service has resumed following temporary closures, with passengers advised to expect delays and utilize shuttle buses for transfers at select stations. To mitigate inconvenience, passengers are offered a 20% discount until normal service resumes, as authorities work to address safety concerns and maintain commuter satisfaction.

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