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Krabi Tourism Enhanced Amid Oil Price Surge

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is setting its sights on enhancing tourism in second-tier regions, including Krabi, amidst a backdrop of soaring oil prices. With a strategic focus on bolstering small hotels and advocating for electric vehicle (EV) travel, the TAT aims to invigorate these lesser-known areas, offering a fresh dimension to Thailand’s tourism landscape.

A pivotal shift lies in the integration of contingency plans into marketing initiatives to tackle unforeseen events or budgetary risks, such as the potential utilization of the fiscal 2023 budget due to delays in approving the fiscal 2024 budget. Furthermore, there’s a concerted effort to address the shortcomings in the government’s strategy for promoting tourism in second-tier regions.

In these areas, the accommodation landscape is characterized by small-scale establishments, necessitating innovative marketing approaches to entice both domestic and international tourists, particularly budget travelers who seek boutique lodging with style and comfort.

The surge in oil prices has propelled airfares upward, presenting an opening for alternative modes of travel like rail tourism and EVs. Ms. Somradee highlighted the importance of expanding EV infrastructure, including charging stations, to accommodate longer journeys, with EVs capable of traveling distances of 400 kilometers or more.

This long-term endeavor not only stimulates local economies but also alleviates pressure on popular tourist hotspots, mitigating issues of overcrowding. Notably, in April 2022, the TAT partnered with Great Wall Motor (GWM) to initiate the Green Road Trip ecotourism program, featuring an EV caravan journey from Bangkok to Hua Hin, promoting local tourism while advocating for EV adoption among Thais.

However, concerns loom within the private sector regarding the readiness of second-tier regions, given the insufficient infrastructure and services crucial for sustainable tourism. Ms. Somradee emphasized the necessity of road development to instill confidence in tourists regarding health and safety standards. Furthermore, the establishment of an EV repair and maintenance sector meeting international standards is imperative, not only for ensuring safe tourism but also for generating local employment and income.

Gautham Suthakar
Gautham Suthakar
23, born and raised amidst the allure of Penang Island, Malaysia, I'm am an adventurous journalist now set to dive to the dynamic landscape and into the bustling streets of Bangkok, Thailand. With a fervent passion for storytelling and a thirst to offer fresh perspectives, join me as I unravel the rich tapestry of narratives in this vibrant city

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