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Elephants Splash in Ayutthaya’s Songkran Festivities

In the heart of Ayutthaya, a spectacle unfolds as elephants adorned in vibrant hues join in the jubilant water splashing festivities, signaling the commencement of the Songkran Festival. The ancient city reverberates with joy as locals and tourists alike gather to partake in this cherished tradition.

Under the theme “Ayutthaya Grand Songkran: Fun, Happiness, and Merit,” senior officials from the tourism office and local authorities convened to inaugurate the festivities at the Elephant Palace and Royal Kraal. Against a backdrop of cultural significance, ten elephants, each adorned with intricate flower patterns reminiscent of the province’s symbolic blooms, eagerly partook in the water splashing revelry. This symbolic gesture not only celebrates tradition but also serves to promote local culture and bolster the economy by attracting visitors from far and wide.

Throughout the duration of the festival, spanning from April 13th to 15th, designated locations will host Songkran festivities from noon until 9 p.m. To ensure the safety and security of attendees, stringent measures have been implemented, including the establishment of at least 10 checkpoints for weapon inspections and traffic management. As Ayutthaya opens its arms to welcome guests, the spirit of Songkran resonates, promising moments of joy, camaraderie, and cultural exchange for all who partake.

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