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Thai Prime Minister oversees infrastructure progress in Phuket province

Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin recently conducted an on-site inspection in Phuket province to oversee the progress of infrastructure projects and address pertinent issues. The visit aimed to assess the development of key projects and provide guidance to relevant agencies.

Arriving at Phuket International Airport, the Prime Minister received updates on the ongoing construction of the airport’s second phase and discussed measures to alleviate traffic congestion. Following this, directives were issued to ensure effective coordination among government agencies involved.

In a statement, the Prime Minister highlighted the government’s commitment to elevating Phuket and Samui to international island status while prioritizing the welfare of residents. He emphasized the importance of comprehensive and systematic management to achieve sustainable development goals. The progress made within six months was acknowledged, with a call for continued efforts to further enhance the province’s infrastructure.

During the inspection, particular attention was given to the construction of an elevated bridge on Highway 4027 in Phuket province. This project, spanning 1.95 kilometers, aims to improve transportation connectivity, enhance safety, and support economic development. Construction is slated to commence around November.

Addressing concerns related to public safety, the Prime Minister emphasized the professionalism of all involved agencies and underscored the need for measures to ensure traffic safety and basic amenities such as electricity, water, and bridges. He urged relevant authorities to persist in their endeavors to raise Phuket province to higher standards.

The Prime Minister’s visit underscored the government’s commitment to infrastructure development and highlighted the importance of coordinated efforts to address key challenges facing Phuket province.

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