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Thailand’s Heat Forecast: Clarifying Misconceptions

On April 28, 2024, the Department of Meteorology addressed online reports warning of “extreme heat in Thailand until September.” The department clarified that Thailand’s hot season typically spans from mid-February to mid-May. During this time, the Earth’s orbit brings it closer to the sun, intensifying solar radiation. This April, the sun is almost directly overhead, resulting in full exposure to its rays. Winds during the hot season are erratic, some days being mild, while low-pressure systems often cause humid conditions due to the pervasive heat. Temperatures occasionally soar above 40 degrees Celsius.

However, the onset of the rainy season, typically from mid-May to mid-October, brings relief. During this period, the prevailing southwesterly winds, rich in moisture, sweep across Thailand, aiding in heat dissipation and increasing rainfall. Consequently, average temperatures decrease as the hot conditions abate.

Therefore, by September, which marks the end of the rainy season, Thailand experiences relatively mild temperatures due to increased rainfall. As such, the extreme heat crisis predicted until September is unlikely to materialize.

Should there be any severe weather conditions with potential impacts, the Department of Meteorology assures prompt announcements and advises the public to stay updated on weather forecasts.

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