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Concerns Mount Over Senate Election Process

Concerns have been raised by academics regarding the election process for the new Senate, which limits senatorial candidates to selection solely from within their own ranks. This approach has been likened to a luck-of-the-draw scenario, where elected senators may lack any meaningful connection with the public. Furthermore, allegations have surfaced suggesting that the unconventional election model was crafted to facilitate the “purchase” of Senate seats by politicians. Associate Professor Prajak Kongkirati, speaking at a seminar hosted by the Pridi Banomyong Institute, emphasized that this election method, unprecedented globally, fosters unfairness and public bewilderment, ultimately resulting in senators who are detached from representing the populace. Prajak advocated for increased participation in Senate candidacy as a means to mitigate political influence over senators.

Former deputy prime minister and Pheu Thai party member, Chaturon Chaisang, echoed concerns, predicting that the election would likely usher in nominees from political parties and major corporations. Chaisang proposed that the Election Commission (EC) relax election regulations to allow candidates to engage with the media and promote themselves effectively.

Notably, a substantial number of individuals, totaling 3,407, obtained application forms for Senate candidacy on May 10th and 11th. Candidates must affiliate with one of the 20 eligible professional groups to qualify. Registration for candidacy is slated for May 20th-24th. The electoral process will unfold in stages, with district-level elections commencing on June 9th, followed by provincial-level rounds on June 16th, culminating in the national-level election on June 26th. The EC is expected to announce the final election results on July 2nd.

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