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Urgent Measures Taken to Protect Thai Dugong Population

Amidst concerns over the alarming rate of dugong fatalities in Thai waters this year, totaling around 20, with four reported in just the past five days, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has initiated urgent measures to safeguard the remaining population. Pol Gen Patcharawat Wongsuwan, the minister, attributed the surge in dugong deaths to the warming of the oceans, causing significant damage to sea grass habitats in the Andaman Sea off Trang and Krabi provinces. Consequently, many dugongs have been compelled to migrate from their traditional feeding grounds to areas such as Phang-nga and Phuket, where they face heightened risks from commercial fishing and other marine activities.

The ministry’s response includes the declaration of certain areas, rich in sea grass or frequented by dugongs, as off-limits to boats unless absolutely necessary, with strict speed limits enforced for permitted vessels. Additionally, fishermen have been instructed to avoid using fishing gear that may pose a threat to dugongs and to refrain from fishing in areas inhabited by the mammals.

Pinsak Suraswadi, director-general of the Marine and Coastal Resources Department, disclosed that the dugong population in the Andaman Sea has witnessed a notable increase from 20 to approximately 280 over the past decade. To address the ongoing challenges, Pinsak led a delegation of officials to Krabi province to engage in discussions with representatives of fishermen and coastal communities regarding effective strategies for protecting the remaining dugong population.

Dugongs, recognized as a protected species under wildlife conservation and protection laws, are predominantly found around Libong Island off Trang province, as well as Muk, Poo, and Lanta islands off Krabi province. Efforts to ensure the survival and well-being of these marine mammals remain a priority for conservationists and authorities alike.

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