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Southern Double-Track Railway to Complete by End of 2024

Recently, Deputy Minister of Transport, Surapong Piyachote, visited the southern double-track railway construction site between Nakhon Pathom and Chumphon. Spanning 420 kilometers with a budget of 33,982 million baht, the project comprises five contracts set for completion by 2024. The double-track railway is anticipated to be fully operational by the end of that year.

Phase two of the southern route, covering the sections from Phrong Maduea to Ban Ku Bua (50 kilometers) and Saphli to northern Chumphon station (12.80 kilometers), is nearing completion in terms of civil works. Signal system installation is at 58.489% completion, with the section expected to open in June 2024. This follows the inauguration of the double-track railway on December 15, 2023, between Ban Ku Bua station in Ratchaburi province and Saphli station in Chumphon province, covering 348 kilometers.

The five construction contracts detail the following:

  1. Nakhon Pathom to Hua Hin, Contract 1 (Nakhon Pathom to Nong Pla Lai): Spanning 93 kilometers with a budget of 8,198 million baht, this segment is 98.319% complete, slightly delayed by 1.681%.
  2. Nakhon Pathom to Hua Hin, Contract 2 (Nong Pla Lai to Hua Hin): Covering 76 kilometers with a budget of 7,520 million baht, it is 99.313% complete, with a minor delay of 0.687%.
  3. Hua Hin to Prachuap Khiri Khan: This 84-kilometer section, with a budget of 5,807 million baht, has been completed.
  4. Prachuap Khiri Khan to Chumphon, Contract 1 (Prachuap Khiri Khan to Bang Saphan Noi): Spanning 88 kilometers with a budget of 6,465 million baht, this segment is 99.245% complete, delayed by 0.755%.
  5. Prachuap Khiri Khan to Chumphon, Contract 2 (Bang Saphan Noi to Chumphon): Covering 79 kilometers with a budget of 5,992 million baht, this section is 99.425% complete, slightly behind schedule by 0.575%.

Rail Transport Department Director-General Pichet Kunathammarak reported on the progress of the new Phetchaburi station, located at kilometer marker 150+500 of the Nakhon Pathom-Hua Hin double-track railway. Construction is 90.20% complete. The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has already commenced operations at the new station, which will officially open in June. There are plans to convert the old station building, noted for its beautiful architecture, into a museum and a market for OTOP products to generate local revenue.

The new Phetchaburi station, adjacent to the old station, has been operational for ticket sales since late December 2023. It is a large station accommodating over 5,000 passengers daily, with an internal area of approximately 1,759.22 square meters, including ticket offices, control rooms, employee restrooms, station master office, meeting rooms, and VIP lounges. The public restroom spans about 90 square meters, divided into male, female, and unisex sections.

The station features three covered platforms:

  • Platform 1 (front): 2,377.14 square meters
  • Platform 2 (middle): 1,875.34 square meters
  • Platform 3 (siding): 1,347.50 square meters

A pedestrian overpass connects the platforms, equipped with three stairways and three elevators for accessibility. The station also includes two two-story staff accommodation buildings, totaling six units.

The project includes a 630-square-meter road area with 467 square meters designated for parking, accommodating 21 cars and one space for disabled parking. Landscape improvements around the station cover 2,085 square meters. Additionally, there is potential to develop the area opposite the new station, currently a bus stop, into a public transportation hub, enhancing the connectivity between road and rail travel.

The Phetchaburi Provincial Transport Office plans to develop bus routes linking the Phetchaburi station with local tourist attractions and key travel points, facilitating seamless travel for the public. Furthermore, the SRT has constructed an additional pedestrian bridge at Phetchaburi station to ensure the safety of nursing students from Phra Jom Klao Phetchaburi Nursing College.

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