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Bangkok Tightens Regulations on Street Vendors

Bangkok is set to impose stricter regulations on street vendors as part of a comprehensive strategy to reorganize the city’s public spaces. Announced by Governor Chadchart Sittipunt, the initiative aims to create cleaner and more orderly streets.

Under the proposed regulations, street vendors operating in officially sanctioned areas will undergo income assessments and be required to pay taxes if their monthly earnings exceed 25,000 baht. Additionally, all vendors must register with the national income and tax system to maintain their business eligibility.

The new rules also mandate that vendors confine their activities strictly to designated zones and keep these areas clean. Non-compliance could result in a ban on their vending activities.

While the city will continue to permit vending in certain areas where vendors adhere to the new regulations and do not obstruct pedestrian traffic, there is a broader plan to gradually phase out street vending. The ultimate goal is to transition vendors into commercial zones, with the city seeking partnerships with businesses to provide affordable rental spaces for these vendors.

These proposed changes will be subject to a public hearing to allow community feedback, which could influence final adjustments before the regulations become official.

Officials and various stakeholders attended the announcement, emphasizing the importance of this initiative for the future of Bangkok’s public spaces.

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