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Prime Minister Leads Push for Cloud Technology Adoption at AWS Summit

In a bid to propel Thailand into the digital forefront, the Prime Minister took center stage at the AWS Summit in Bangkok, emphasizing the imperative of embracing cloud technology. The summit, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a renowned cloud computing specialist, served as a platform to underscore Thailand’s technological potential and its trajectory in the digital economy. Speaking at the event, the Prime Minister highlighted the transformative power of cloud technology in streamlining processes, enhancing speed-to-market, and delivering improved services to end-users.

Acknowledging the significance of cloud integration, the Prime Minister unveiled plans to modernize the civil service system, setting the stage for the implementation of the Cloud First Policy. This strategic move aims to alleviate the financial burden on both the government and private sectors while fostering greater efficiency in administrative functions. The Prime Minister emphasized the pivotal role of cloud infrastructure in underpinning various sectors, including banking, tourism, marketing, and education, alongside cutting-edge technologies like generative AI.

Crucially, the Prime Minister announced AWS’s substantial investment in data centers in Thailand, totaling over 190 billion baht by 2037. This landmark investment signifies AWS’s commitment to bolstering Thailand’s digital infrastructure, with the anticipated launch of the AWS Thailand Region slated for early 2025. Furthermore, the government’s proactive approach includes restructuring industries to position Thailand as a digital hub, attracting investment across the technology spectrum and promoting workforce upskilling initiatives.

In parallel, AWS has been actively nurturing local talent, with over 50,000 individuals trained and collaborations with universities to integrate AWS Academy into curricula, fostering digital literacy among students. This collaborative effort between the private and public sectors underscores a mutually beneficial partnership aimed at enhancing Thailand’s digital landscape.

Looking ahead, AWS reaffirmed its commitment to Thailand’s digital transformation, announcing plans to establish an AWS Asia Pacific (Bangkok) Region by early 2025. This move aligns with AWS’s vision to provide secure and efficient cloud services while advancing AI and cloud platforms within Thailand.

The AWS Summit in Bangkok, a cornerstone event in the annual AWS Global Summit, attracted over 2,500 attendees, including technology experts, business leaders, and investors. Through a diverse array of seminars and technology showcases, the summit facilitated knowledge sharing and discourse on cloud computing and emerging technologies, further catalyzing Thailand’s journey towards becoming a technology hub.

In conclusion, the concerted efforts of the government, AWS, and various stakeholders underscore a collective commitment to advancing Thailand’s digital agenda and fostering long-term economic growth through enhanced digital literacy and technological innovation.

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