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Man Killed by Elephant While Foraging in National Park

A 61-year-old man met a tragic end as he was trampled by an elephant while hunting for mushrooms in Nam Nao National Park. This unfortunate incident marks the second fatal elephant attack in the area this year. It’s believed that the elephant, possibly a protective mother startled by the man’s presence, was the cause of the attack.

The Nam Nao Police Station in Phetchabun Province received a distressing report about the fatal elephant encounter within the park’s forest. Police investigator Pichet Thonglor was on duty and swiftly responded to the scene, along with medical personnel from Nam Nao Hospital and park officials.

Upon arrival, approximately 30 meters from Highway 12 in a bamboo forest, they discovered the lifeless body of Sakorn, aged 61, with blood covering his face and bruises all over his body. Evidence of the elephant’s presence was evident with its footprints, fresh dung, and broken bamboo strewn around the area. Additionally, a sack containing water bottles and mushrooms, believed to belong to the victim, was collected as evidence.

Chief Boonthueng Mueansaeng of the Nam Nao Police Station disclosed that initial investigations suggested Sakorn, accompanied by fellow villagers, had entered the park to search for mushrooms during the night, each going their separate ways. In the early morning, villagers heard the unsettling sound of an elephant trumpeting nearby. At dawn, they made the grim discovery of Sakorn’s lifeless body.

Park officials emphasized that the area is home to several elephant herds, including a mother elephant fiercely protective of her young calf. It’s presumed that the elephant, startled by the presence of Sakorn, acted out of instinctual fear for her calf’s safety.

This unfortunate incident mirrors a similar fatal elephant attack in the same district in April, resulting in the loss of another resident’s life. The community mourns yet another casualty to these majestic yet potentially perilous creatures. Nam Nao National Park, once a popular spot for mushroom foraging, is now approached with caution as visitors are reminded of the inherent dangers of encountering wild elephants.

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