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Government Moves to Toughen Penalties for Drunk Drivers

The government has launched efforts to toughen penalties for drunk drivers responsible for injuries and road accidents. The Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation (DDD) has submitted a petition to the House committee examining amendments to the Alcohol Control Act, urging for stricter punishment for those convicted of driving under the influence.

The petition recommends that businesses selling alcohol to minors involved in fatal drunk-driving accidents should face both civil and criminal charges, and have their licenses revoked. Additionally, operators of such establishments would be required to compensate victims of drunk driving incidents.

The foundation has also called on the committee to work with business operators to establish a fund to support victims affected by excessive alcohol consumption, particularly due to drunk driving. The committee plans to present the group’s petition to the House during its next session, set to begin in July.

The committee has sought advice from Pol Gen Achirawit Suwanpesat, a former deputy police chief, on enhancing the law’s reliability and preventing bribery by state officers. The 42-member committee is dedicated to developing effective and fair solutions that offer significant improvements for the public.

The proposed amendments are anticipated to benefit society broadly, enjoying support from multiple political groups and parties. The committee will engage in discussions with Public Health Minister Somsak Thepsutin about the amendments and the required support from the private sector.

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