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Chuwit Kamolvisit in UK Palliative Care for Terminal Cancer

Chuwit Kamolvisit, a prominent figure in Thai business and politics, is currently under palliative care for terminal liver cancer in the United Kingdom. This update was confirmed by Nipit Intharasombat, a former Member of Parliament for Phatthalung, who has been in contact with Chuwit via LINE messaging.

Nipit shared this news on Facebook to dispel rumours and address concerns about Chuwit’s health. According to Nipit, Chuwit is fully aware of his grim prognosis but is determined to make the most of his remaining time. Nipit included a message from Chuwit, who seemed to be in good spirits, offering advice on the difficulties of pursuing a political career.

Chuwit has been receiving treatment in the UK since late last year after being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and given less than eight months to live. His daughter, Tak Takarn Kamolvisit, had previously posted a photo with him on social media, temporarily alleviating some concerns about his health.

The news has drawn a wave of public sympathy and support. Chuwit, initially known as the “soapy king” for owning several upscale massage parlours, later shifted to a political career, gaining notoriety for his outspoken and often controversial views.

In related news, Thailand’s Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has tested positive for Covid-19. Government spokesperson Chai Wacharonke stated that the prime minister experienced symptoms last Friday and sought medical advice, which confirmed the infection. The prime minister is currently resting and will be monitored until he is no longer contagious.

These updates underscore the significant health challenges faced by these public figures, reflecting the personal hurdles that can affect their public roles.

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