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Royal Thai Air Force Explores Gripen E/F Fighter Jet Procurement

The Gripen E flight simulator showcased cutting-edge naval control technology, reflecting the Royal Thai Air Force’s (RTAF) interest in modernizing its fleet. Valued at 19 billion baht, the Gripen E/F model has emerged as a leading contender over the US-made F-16.

Earlier last month, RTAF commander ACM Phanphakdee Phatthanakul and defense officials visited Sweden to engage with SAAB, emphasizing the RTAF’s strategic procurement discussions.

Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, chair of the House Committee on the Armed Forces, also visited SAAB recently, underscoring parliamentary oversight and support.

Robert Bj√∂rklund, Gripen Thailand campaign director, outlined SAAB’s commitment to enhancing the Gripen’s capabilities for RTAF, including advanced radar systems like the Raven ES-05-AESA and Skyward G-IRST.

Mr. Bj√∂rklund highlighted the Gripen E/F’s compatibility with tactical data link systems, including both Link-16 and the RTAF’s proprietary Link-TH, ensuring enhanced operational flexibility and security.

SAAB proposed developing Thailand’s national datalinks and radio communication systems, aiming to safeguard sensitive information and bolster operational autonomy.

Frans Unosson, Director Industrial Cooperation Gripen Marketing and Sales, emphasized Sweden’s commitment to Thailand’s defense and economic growth through extensive offset investments.

He reiterated SAAB’s dedication to long-term collaboration, envisioning Gripen’s role in strengthening bilateral ties and Thailand’s defense capabilities.

Mr. Unosson emphasized the strategic importance of the Gripen procurement plan, aligning with Thai defense policies and fostering economic benefits through technology transfer and local industry development.

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