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AI to Have Limited Impact on Thai Employment

A recent report by the Kasikorn Research Center projects a limited impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on employment in Thailand, with less than 4% of service sector workers at significant risk of job displacement. This sector, contributing 52.4% to Thailand’s GDP, will be the most impacted, though only 280,000 employees, or 3.5% of the workforce, are deemed highly susceptible to AI-driven job replacement. Despite this, AI is expected to influence 34.7% of the sector’s GDP.

A comprehensive study by Microsoft and LinkedIn underscores the increasing importance of AI skills in the Thai job market. It reveals that 74% of Thai business leaders, compared to 66% globally, are reluctant to hire candidates lacking AI proficiency. Furthermore, the study indicates that 92% of knowledge workers in Thailand utilize AI in their professional activities, significantly above the global average of 75%.

The report notes a disparity in AI impact across different industries. While the construction sector appears to be at a lower risk of AI disruption, the finance and professional services sectors are more vulnerable. Thai employers place a high value on AI skills and are prepared to offer a premium to attract candidates with these capabilities.

Dhanawat Suthumpun, Managing Director of Microsoft Thailand, highlighted the prevalent use of generative AI tools among employees, pointing to a “Bring Your Own AI” trend. He cautioned that this could lead to missed opportunities in leveraging AI at a strategic level and potential risks to company data.

The 2024 Work Trend Index survey, conducted by Microsoft and LinkedIn and involving 31,000 participants from 31 countries, reveals that 91% of Thai business leaders believe integrating AI is essential for maintaining competitiveness, compared to the global average of 79%.

In attendance at the report’s presentation were key industry officials and experts, reflecting the significant interest in AI’s role in shaping the future of Thailand’s workforce.

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