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Civil Society Group Proposes Ambitious Climate Bill to Parliament

A civil society group is preparing to present a groundbreaking bill to parliament aimed at accelerating climate action while safeguarding the rights of local communities to their natural resources.

Kritsada Boonchai, coordinator of Thai Climate Justice for All, outlined that their proposed legislation represents their inaugural effort to bolster global efforts in curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Addressing climate change currently progresses at a sluggish pace,” Mr. Kritsada remarked. He highlighted that their bill sets ambitious targets: achieving carbon neutrality by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2065, considerably earlier than the national timeline of 2050. Emphasizing its foundation on global human rights principles, he underscored the bill’s significance.

Mr. Kritsada emphasized that expediting the phase-out of fossil fuels, ramping up renewable energy production, and transitioning single-crop plantations to eco-agriculture are pivotal steps toward meeting climate goals. These actions, he stressed, are crucial in curtailing greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to mitigation efforts, the bill addresses climate adaptation strategies and ensures community access to vital information such as early warning data to mitigate climate-related losses. Furthermore, it aims to safeguard the rights of local communities and indigenous groups in accessing natural resources, including food security.

“We have identified deficiencies in the state-authored climate change bill, particularly in terms of human rights,” Mr. Kritsada pointed out, highlighting the necessity for their proposed legislation.

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