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Student Dies from Electric Shock at School in Trang

A male student tragically died from an electric shock at a secondary school in Nam Ron Subdistrict, Kantang District, Trang Province during the school’s sports day on Friday, June 21. The incident has prompted urgent safety measures across local educational institutions.

On June 23, Chainarong Changruea, Director of the Secondary Educational Service Area Office for Trang and Krabi, shared initial findings regarding the accident. According to the report, the water cooler involved had been out of use for an extended period and was connected to a breaker controlling the electrical system behind it.

The victim was passing by the area during heavy rain, resulting in him being soaked. The wet conditions, including a damp concrete floor, likely led to a short circuit from the water cooler. This short circuit caused electricity to flow onto the wet surface, resulting in the fatal shock.

Schools are typically required to perform regular inspections of water coolers, with the latest inspection conducted before the current academic term, emphasizing child safety. Devices that had been in service for an extended period were supposed to be decommissioned. Despite these precautions, this tragic event occurred.

In response to the incident, Mr. Chainarong has mandated that all secondary schools in his jurisdiction cease using water coolers immediately. This suspension will remain in place until thorough re-inspections are completed and new safety protocols are established.

To support the grieving family, the school has provided an initial compensation of 20,000 baht and has committed to covering all funeral expenses. Mr. Chainarong, along with the Governor of Trang Province and officials from the Social Development and Human Security department, attended the funeral to pay their respects and offer condolences.

An investigation committee has been formed to determine the specifics of the accident. If negligence or fault is found, appropriate actions will be taken to ensure accountability and fairness for all parties involved.

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