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Hua Hin Band Performs at Moscow Jazz Festival

On June 25, 2024, the Bluport Hua Hin Shopping Center in Prachuap Province announced its support for local Thai bands by sending representatives to the international music event, the Moscow Jazz Festival 2024. This move aims to strengthen ties with Russia and boost tourism potential in the Hua Hin area. A newly formed jazz band, The Hua Hin Young Chronicles, has been selected to represent Thailand and perform at the festival from June 10-16 in Moscow, Russia.

The Moscow Jazz Festival, the largest international jazz festival in Russia, is hosted by renowned jazz artist Igor Butman. The festival takes place at various venues across Moscow, including concert halls, parks, and leading jazz clubs. It features performances by leading Russian and international artists and includes various activities throughout the event. This year’s festival saw over 1,000 attendees, including a delegation from Thailand led by Ms. Wajee Klomkliang, Executive Director of Hua Hin Asset Company Limited. The Thai delegation included the Hua Hin Young Chronicles jazz band, Mr. Sasiwat Wong Sinsawat, Thailand’s Ambassador to Moscow, and Mr. Igor Butman, a National Artist of Russia, who welcomed the participants.

Ms. Wajee Klomkliang commented on the significance of the event, stating, “Hua Hin has long been a renowned world-class resort city, popular among Europeans and Scandinavians, and increasingly among Russians. The city is famous for its vibrant jazz scene, having hosted performances by legendary musicians like Benny Golson, The Yellowjackets, and Kenny G. Participating in the Moscow Jazz Festival is a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship between Thailand and Russia and to promote Hua Hin’s tourism and cultural heritage.”

She emphasized the economic impact, highlighting the importance of tourism as a key revenue source for Thailand. Ms. Wajee noted that the event helps promote Thai soft power, introducing Hua Hin’s unique jazz and art scene to Russian audiences. Additionally, the Hua Hin Young Chronicles’ participation supports local musicians and fosters cultural exchange.

Mr. Sasiwat Wong Sinsawat, the Ambassador in Moscow, echoed these sentiments, praising the collaboration between Thailand and Russia. He described Thai music as a charming cultural element with a rich history, and he sees the band’s performance at the festival as a crucial step in cultural exchange.

The Hua Hin Young Chronicles is a unique band formed specifically for this event, blending traditional Thai instruments like the xylophone and Thai flute with international jazz instruments. The band’s concept, “Jazz without borders,” reflects their mission to create a harmonious fusion of diverse musical traditions. The band members include Mr. Prasittichai Bibilasci (Band Manager/Coordinator), Ms. Chanakarn Rachathisen (Vocalist), Mr. Yanyong Torruang (Pianist), Mr. Niphon Wansripetch (Thai instruments), Mr. Thanyathorn Laohasathit (Guitarist), Mr. Rat Phon Rupkhajorn (Bassist), Mr. Nithikan Wannayu (Drummer), Mr. Asanee Sukpae (Saxophonist), and Mr. Pakpoom Iamsam-ang (Sound Engineer/Technician).

Looking ahead, plans are in place for further cultural collaborations. This includes an art exhibition by a renowned Russian art collector, supported by THE COLLECTIONS art museum, and the Bluport Jazz Festival at the end of the year, featuring Igor Butman and his quintet. These events aim to provide a platform for cultural exchange and to strengthen the relationship between Thailand and Russia.

The participation of The Hua Hin Young Chronicles in the Moscow Jazz Festival 2024 is expected to not only enhance cultural ties but also promote Hua Hin as a premier destination for music and tourism.

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