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Survey Reveals E-Cigarette Misconceptions Among Thai Youth

A recent survey has highlighted significant misunderstandings among young people in Thailand regarding e-cigarettes. Conducted between May 1 and May 27 by the Department of Health Service Support (DHSS), in collaboration with the Thailand Youth Institute and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the survey revealed that over 60% of young Thais believe vaping can help quit smoking, and more than half view nicotine as beneficial. The survey included responses from 40,164 individuals aged between 6 and 30.

The results show that 18% of respondents are e-cigarette users, with many holding incorrect views about vaping. Specifically, 61% think it aids in quitting traditional cigarettes, 51% regard nicotine as healthy, and 50% consider e-cigarettes safer than traditional smoking. Furthermore, 26% believe that e-cigarettes contain no nicotine, 23% think their use is legal, and 12% feel that the vapors produced are harmless.

In response to these findings, the DHSS has initiated efforts through the GEN-H Health Hero network to raise awareness about the risks of e-cigarettes and address these misconceptions. The campaign aims to correct the false beliefs surrounding vaping and inform the youth about the health hazards associated with e-cigarette use.

In a related development, authorities in Surat Thani province have intensified their crackdown on illegal vaping products. Acting on a tip-off, customs officials intercepted a shipment on Highway 41 in Tha Chang district, seizing contraband valued at 8 million baht. The confiscated items included nearly one million contraband cigarettes and over 3,800 e-cigarettes and liquids, which were being transported from Hat Yai to Bangkok.

The coordinated efforts by health officials and law enforcement aim to curb the spread of misinformation about e-cigarettes and reduce the availability of illegal vaping products. These initiatives are part of a broader strategy to protect public health and ensure that young people in Thailand are adequately informed about the dangers of vaping.

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