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Thai Workers Resume Employment in Israel Post-Hamas Conflict

The first batch of Thai workers has departed for Israel from Suvarnabhumi Airport, marking the resumption of labor exports disrupted by last year’s Hamas attack. Labor Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn announced that 100 workers left on Tuesday, June 25, with an additional 540 expected to follow by July 3.

In preparation for their journey, all workers underwent comprehensive training to familiarize themselves with their employment contracts, working conditions, and local customs. They were also educated on their legal rights and instructed on how to seek assistance and respond in emergencies or conflict situations.

Before the Hamas-initiated conflict on October 7, around 30,000 Thai nationals were employed in Israel, primarily in agriculture and construction. Following the conflict’s outbreak, nearly 9,000 workers were repatriated, though others remained in zones considered safe from the hostilities.

During a recent visit to Israel, Minister Phiphat engaged with the Israeli government to discuss the safety of Thai workers, ensuring they are stationed in secure areas with access to adequate emergency shelters. The Department of Employment, having received over 30,000 applications for the 5,000 agricultural positions available in the latter half of the year, is advocating for an increased annual quota for farm workers and expanded opportunities for construction workers in Israel.

Minister Phiphat, along with other officials, emphasized the importance of these measures during his visit, highlighting the collaboration between the Thai and Israeli governments in safeguarding the welfare of Thai laborers abroad.

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