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PM Srettha Visits Surin for Development Talks

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin visited Surin province on June 30 to discuss crucial regional development initiatives. His visit began with an evaluation of the Huai Kaew Reservoir, a vital water source for three districts that is currently suffering from reduced capacity due to siltation, leading to water shortages during the dry season.

In a meeting focused on addressing this issue, the prime minister reviewed a proposed dredging project aimed at increasing the reservoir’s capacity. This project is essential for ensuring a reliable water supply for both consumption and agricultural purposes, thereby enhancing the area’s sustainability and productivity.

The prime minister’s itinerary also included a visit to the Rattanaburi District Office, where he discussed improving water resource management through advanced dredging techniques. Additionally, he addressed the strategic upgrade of the Chong Chom border checkpoint while considering environmental conservation constraints.

Another significant topic covered in the meeting was the potential establishment of Surin Airport to stimulate regional economic growth. Furthermore, discussions included enhancing the local economy by promoting high-quality livestock production, with a particular focus on Wagyu beef.

Accompanying Prime Minister Srettha were several officials and key stakeholders who are instrumental in implementing these developmental projects and initiatives aimed at boosting Surin’s economic and environmental sustainability.

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