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EC Delays Senate Election Results Amid Complaints

The Election Commission (EC) has postponed the announcement of the official results of the Senate election, initially scheduled for Tuesday, July 2, as it addresses numerous complaints concerning the qualifications and alleged ineligibility of several senators-elect.

Faced with over a thousand complaints, the EC is conducting a thorough review to ensure strict adherence to legal protocols. The agency has emphasized its dedication to resolving these issues promptly while upholding fairness throughout the process.

The law mandates a five-day period following the election for filing complaints, with no specified maximum duration for announcing the certified results. This timeframe allows for a comprehensive assessment of objections related to the 200 elected senators and an additional 100 reserve candidates.

Some candidates have urged the EC to certify the results swiftly so that legislative duties, including the passage of crucial bills impacting constitutional amendments, can proceed. However, ongoing disputes regarding candidate qualifications and the need for a meticulous review continue to delay the final certification.

Legal experts and former candidates have also called on the EC to expedite the announcement of the election results while continuing their investigations, to avoid extending the tenure of the caretaker Senate, appointed in 2019.

The announcement delay has heightened anticipation and concern over the potential impact on legislative activities and governance. The EC’s careful approach, while necessary for ensuring electoral integrity, underscores the complexities of the electoral process and the importance of thorough vetting in maintaining public trust.

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